February 14th, 2017

Winter Duet

Valentine Author Blog Hop

A big thanks to Nicki J Markus for organising this blog hop. Check out the other posts here

As Valentine’s Day comes around each year I always think about why a cynic like myself writes and reads romance.

A lot of that is down to why I love to read and write. I love pondering what ifs and find reading is a great way to escape into a world where people meet, fall in love, and find their happy ever afters. After a decent dose of reality, I want to read about characters who overcome obstacles, and find someone to love who loves them in return. And a bonus if those characters have an adventure on the way, whether it’s set on another world, a hidden part of our own, or at some point in the past.

That’s not to say that everyone who reads romance is reading to escape, and the genre is far more than just about people falling in love. Storytelling is a big part of our society, and our lives would be far less interesting without it. Listen to a child telling his or her mother what happened during their day—they don’t just rattle off a lot of bullet pointed facts, but instead string it together in a story.

I’ve heard people who don’t read romance dismiss the genre as just stories about relationships. It’s far more than that. If every book with a relationship in it was categorised as a romance, 99.9% of stories would be crammed into those library shelves, and the rest would be very sparse. Romance also includes many sub-genres, and there is romance in pretty much every genre. A detective finds love while solving a case, a knight meets a dragon on a quest and both soon find themselves more than just friends, or a vampire meets a photographer who can’t capture on film the one person he really wants to, to name just a few scenarios.

Valentine’s Day is more than just about falling in love with one person and a HEA, it’s about life and living and finding joy and meaning in the little things. This February 14th I’m going to enjoy writing about two men finding love over music and a car that won’t start, and then later, after a fun evening spent movie watching with friends, I’m going to snuggle up with my kitties, and read someone else’s story, and get caught up in their romance.

I’d love to hear from other readers and writers about why you enjoy romance and what Valentine’s Day means to you.