January 2nd, 2017

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Welcome Gillian St Kevern - Morgen Song

A big welcome today to fellow Kiwi, Gillian St Kevern as part of her blog tour for her new release Morgen Song.

Change: The Best Superpower

You’ve been asked this question at some point, I’m sure. Maybe while watching The Avengers on TV, your friend turns to you and says, ‘If you could have any super power at all, what would it be?’ My answers have varied over the world. I think the Flash’s speed powers are really adaptable (think how many novels I could write!), while I’d love to fly like Superboy. Recently, I’ve been drawn more to healing powers, like Leetah in Elfquest, or the ability to make plants grow--like Poison Ivy, or even Nate and Ethan in my vampire series, Thorns and Fangs (the title makes sense now, right?).

We already possess one of the best super-powers--change. We can learn and grow and adapt. This is a power that I’ve explored a lot over the course of the Deep Magic series. Morgenau, the Welsh sirens who dwell in the waters of the Llŷn peninsula, are powerful, immortal, beautiful and--as a result of their long lifespans, resistant to change. In Deep Magic, Myrhydion tells Olly that he can’t change. Now that he’s fallen for Olly, that’s it. If Olly rejects him, Myrhydion is bound to spend the rest of his life alone, pining for Olly. Fortunately this theory is never tested, as Olly is in love with Myrhydion. But the belief that the morgen have that they can’t change is a big part of their identity. They regard it and the pain it brings then with a sort of pride--Cedifor, in Morgen Curse, makes peace with his outcast and lonely life through the knowledge that even though Howell has rejected him, Howell cannot love anyone as he loved Cedifor. Gurcant, the Morgen King, is the prime example of pride in his fixed ideas, continuing a war against human kind for over a thousand years, regardless of the fact that the humans no longer know they’re at war. Because it’s a big part of their identity, it doesn’t occur to morgen to question it.

That changes in Morgen Song. Myrhydion is half-human, half-morgen, and choosing to build a life for himself on land with his human love, but his identity is still very much of an unchanging morgen prince. He prides himself on the constancy of his love for Olly, and doesn’t worry about the consequences of his love--until the people of the Llŷn peninsula are threatened. When his only weapons against those threatening his loved ones, his magical powers, are stolen, Myrhydion has nothing to fight with. He has to lean on his human side, and adapt to his new circumstances, finding there the strength and the means to overcome his grandfather. And he does it by changing his heart. Myrhydion lets go of his pride and learns to feel regret and compassion. In doing so, he gains a power greater than anything he’s given up. Myrhydion has taken control of his future. He is out of the reach of any who’d try to control him and in a much stronger position to protect himself and his loved ones. He has learned, grown and changed.

Why is this such a big deal? Because I know too many people who believe they can’t change. I’ve seen students give up on their entire futures because they’ve concluded that school is too hard. Worse, I’ve seen incredibly talented, smart, generous and loving people, close themselves off from achieving what they most want because they believe they’re not good enough, they don’t deserve it or because they let fear control them. It’s heartbreaking to see it happen--and it doesn’t have to be that way. My own life has changed massively in 2016, as I’ve gone from dreaming about making a living from writing to actually going for it. I’m not quite there yet, but I am getting closer every day. Being willing to change, to keep moving forward and searching for what we don’t yet know is an integral part of being human. Let’s embrace it in 2017, and keep changing.

Title: Morgen Song, Deep Magic #3
Author: Gillian St. Kevern
Release Date: December 31, 2016
Category: Fantasy
Genre: Romance
Sex Content: Some Heated Encounters
Pairing: MM
Orientation: Gay
Identity: Cis
Length: Novel
Words: 84,000
Cover Artist: Bree Archer
Purchase Links: Coming soon to http://www.gillianstkevern.com/morgen-song.html

Does an underwater king have a future on land?

A wave of near drownings along the Welsh coast can only mean one thing: the morgenau, Welsh sirens, have returned to the Llŷn Peninsula. Myrhydion seizes the chance to prove himself as future king. Instead, he falls under the spell of a cunning underwater sorcerer. Myrhydion fights to free himself, while keeping up the fiction of his human identity. As he loses more and more of his power to the sorcerer, Myrhydion risks more than the crown. He could lose the life he’s created on land with Olly.

As Myrhydion and Olly struggle to protect the people of the Llŷn, Myrhydion faces an impossible choice. Surrender the magical powers that are his only defense against the machinations of the former king, his evil grandfather, or risk the lives of everyone he cares about. Rapidly running out of magic, options and friends, Myrhydion knows that only a king can win this battle--and Myrhydion is prince of nothing.

Morgen Song rejoins the cast of Deep Magic eight months after the events of the first novel. Welsh folklore meets modern sensibilities as Olly and Myrhydion fight for their happily-ever-after, facing foes that range from an ancient and bitter king to mothers-in-law and AirBNB guests--as well as some new foes familiar to readers of Morgen Curse. Morgen Song is a modern fantasy perfect for readers of gay romance who like their happy endings with a touch of mythology!


“We know the name of King Arthur’s knights, his sword, his wife, his table, even his dogs and horses—but we do not know the name of his mother-in-law.” The wind blew my hair into my eyes and I pulled it back, tucking it behind my ear as I continued. “I think that’s significant, Olly. Don’t you?”

Olly grunted.

I looked behind me.

Olly was only half way down the pebbled beach. As I watched, he wedged his feet more firmly among the slate grey stones, squared his shoulders, and gave the wooden dinghy a forceful push. It slithered forward across the shore, dislodging a wave of pebbles. Pressing his shoulder against the stern, Olly strained to keep its momentum going.

I folded my arms. “You do not even listen to me.”

“Kind of busy here, Myrhydion.” Olly’s foot skidded on the rock and he stumbled forward, narrowly avoiding colliding with the boat.

I put my arm out to steady him. “So am I. Busy with matters of great import.”

Olly’s weathered fingers lingered a moment on my wrist. “I’m listening.”

His lie pleased me even as I knew it to be untrue. I fought to keep the smile from my face. “It is an offence to lie to your Prince.”

“Who’s lying? You were saying that no-one knows the name of Arthur’s mother-in-law. Which is true, but not going to get this boat launched.”

I ducked my head in pleasure, once again pulling my wind tossed hair from my face as I followed Olly’s gaze down the beach and across the long stretch of rock laid bare by the retreating ride. “It was not wise to leave this errand so late in the afternoon. By the time you reach the waves they will have retreated even further.”

“Right,” Olly agreed, once again bending his shoulders to his task. “And who spent most of the morning coming up with reasons to wait?”

I bit my lip. I had congratulated myself on my subtlety, but I’d forgotten how well Olly knew me. “I only wanted to be sure. It is a big step to take—”

Olly straightened up. The wind whipped his hair, the colour of wet sand except where the sun had bleached it the light colour of the fine sand that sits at the top of the beach in Aberdaron. Cut short, it did not reach Olly’s eyes. “Second thoughts?”

I looked down. Olly has a very bad effect on me. I am liable to lose my train of thought when I look too closely at him. “We are so happy now. I am not well acquainted with mothers-in-law, but there is one thing that I have heard they have in common and that is a disquieting influence.” I cast a look at Olly to see how he took this.

Olly snorted, stretching out one muscled arm to lean against the boat. “You’ve been talking to Rob.”

Rob was the American partner of our neighbour, Harry.

I bit my lip. “Rob did all the talking. It seems the subject is much on his mind—”

“You know how Rob likes to talk. You also know Mrs Jones.” Olly’s eyes lingered on me. “She was an over-protective mum when Harry and I were kids. I can’t imagine she’s any better now Harry and Rob are officially together. But you’ve got to remember one thing, Myrhydion. Bethan’s not Mrs Jones.”

“For which I am very grateful!”

“I haven’t seen her in at least two years. Maybe three, which goes to show you how different she is from Mrs Jones already.”

I began to feel slightly foolish. “That may change.”

“I hope it does. I want Mam at our wedding.”

The mention of the wedding usually brought me joy. Today I looked down at the ring I wore with a faint feeling of foreboding. “Bethan does not approve of weddings.”

“She takes free-spirited to the extreme.” Olly once again turned to the boat, bracing his shoulder against it. “But she should still be there.”

I watched Olly strain against the boat. The effort displayed his shoulders and forearm to good advantage. Olly is very easy to watch. “I am trying to have a serious conversation with you, Olly.”

“And I’m trying to get this boat in the water.” Olly grunted.

I sighed, tucking my hair out of my eyes again. Clearly, I was going to have to do something about that boat.

Far out in the distance, the water lay as smooth as silk. Visitors are always astonished at the sheer breadth of the intertidal stretch, but once Olly lost the pebbles, he would have any even harder time of things on the scraping rocks. Come to us, I told the waves.

“In fact,” Olly said, shifting to his other shoulder as he pushed, “a hand with this would be appreciated—” He yelped in surprise as the wave lifted the boat.

I smiled at him, resting a hand on the boat to keep it from floating away. “You were saying?”

Author Bio

Gillian St. Kevern has been a fan of the fantastic and mysterious from the moment she could read. She reads everything from vintage mysteries and Victorian gothic horror to contemporary romance and travel guides. Her writing is a mix of her eclectic taste in books, ranging from YA to erotica, vampires to advertising executives and everything in between. If you like your vampires to be dangerous, your plots to be twisty, oddball but endearing characters and a dash of humour in your romance or mysteries, then she has a story for you.

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