January 2nd, 2012



Berlin, 1943. An encounter with an old friend leaves German physicist Dr. Kristopher Lehrer with doubts about his work. But when he confronts his superior, everything goes horribly wrong. Suddenly Kristopher and Michel, a member of the Resistance, are on the run, hunted for treason and a murder they did not commit. If they’re caught, Kristopher’s knowledge could be used to build a terrible weapon that could win the war.

When Michel contacts the Allies, hoping they can work together, it isn’t long before the so-called “simple” mission becomes anything but. With both men realizing they can no longer ignore their growing feelings for each other, Kristopher and Michel must fight—not just for a chance of a future together, but for their very survival.

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Cat's Quill

Question time!

I'm working on a character interview for an upcoming blog.

The scenario is thus: Cathal has got fed up with Tomas and Christian's bickering so has thrown them in a locked room together with instructions to actually talk to each other.

A piece of paper is in the room. On it are questions for them to ask each other...

So...if there's any question you'd like to ask either Tomas or Christian this is your opportunity as those will be the questions they'll be answering.

One proviso though: I am trying to keep it fairly spoiler free re upcoming plot developments or what has happened in Magic's Muse - these guys have to keep some secrets, right?

I'm planning on working on this next weekend but any question posted before then is fair game.