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Welcome Chris Ethan - The Guy With The Suitcase

A big welcome to Chris Ethan today as part of his blog tour with Eyes on Books for The Guy With The Suitcase.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your writing?

I’m Chris Ethan, a writer of queer romance, and I’ve just released my debut novel The Guy With The Suitcase. Chris Ethan is a persona for my adult romances and I also publish fantasy and sci-fi under my name R. C. Ethan/Rhys Ethan,

Can you tell us about your new release? What inspired you to write it?
The Guy With The Suitcase is a gay romance about two homeless guys finding love. It released on Valentine’s Day. The book was inspired by a bunch of things coming on to me at once. It was inspired at the Rainbow Book Fair last April in New York City, when someone asked me if I would be willing to write adult fairy tales. Then it was the actual city I was at. New York City is a beautiful place with a lot of ugly sides that I thought would make a great setting for a book. I also knew at the time, that I wanted to touch on some serious issues of the gay community, like homelessness, so the two put together made sense. And last, but not least, Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Girl With The Matchsticks, a tragic fairy tale about a girl dying in the streets from the winter cold trying to sell matches played its part on how the story developed.

Did you learn anything from writing your book? What was it?
I learn something from every book I write and The Guy With The Suitcase was no exception. It was my first contemporary book and I didn’t know if I had what it takes to write it, coming from a background of fantasy and sci-fi, but I discovered that it was easier than I thought and that I love getting people their happy ever after.

Do characters and stories just pop into your head, or do you take your time thinking about them?
They do, but I always have to take my time thinking how to make both the best they can be. I’ve got a huge list of types of characters/people I want to write about, as well as a list of settings and stories that slowly come together to create a book (or a gazillion of them).

Are you a panster or a plotter?
I’m a plotter, for sure. I used alphas for The Guy With The Suitcase and I enjoyed the process so much, that I’m going to be using more in the future. Alphas give you feedback from the first moment you have an outline. That’s how OCD I am. So, yeah. I’m a plotter. Definitely not a pantser.

Do you write often? Is it on a schedule, or whenever you feel like it?
At the moment I’m in a transitional period from writing whenever I feel like it to writing on schedule. It takes practice, patience, and time so I’m finding it hard with a full-time job, but I will conquer that too, one day. I hope. Oh, God, I so hope.

What are your writing and personal goals for 2016 and beyond?
My writing goals for this year is to grow the titles published under Chris Ethan’s persona and get all those crazy stories and characters on paper, before they drive me into a mental asylum. This year I will also be trying to get into screenwriting and developing some of my ideas for TV. Personally, I’m hoping to change to another career that can support me while I’m trying to pursue writing, to start my own publishing company for a Greek audience, and to travel around the world with my love.

What are you working on at present? Would you like to share a snippet?
At the moment, I’m working on the second book in the Once Upon A Guy series called Pretty Little Red, an asexual, trans, gay romance and Men of Spring, an erotic shifter novella. Pretty Little Red is still being outlined, but I can share a snippet from the first chapter of Men of Spring.

At his command, his butterflies exploded into fairy dust, which in turn shaped them up in their human form. In a matter of seconds he was surrounded by hundreds of his men, all knelt and all staring at the dark eyes of their master.

“My handsome fairies, it’s so great to see you blossom again. It’s time to rule this land with our magic again. And as with every time, your task is the same,” he addressed each and every one of them and the more he talked the more comfortable and authorative he grew in his skin. “I’m hungry. Bring me your new spring Prince and we shall all feast on him. Find me someone young. Someone with lots of energy. I'm feeling restless.”

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Can you tell us about your pets?
I love cats, but I’m allergic to them, so it’s dogs for me. I don’t have any pets myself, but my boyfriend does and I think the blessed thing is more in love with me than my actual boyfriend. Ha.

If you were able to quit your day job and write full time, would you, and why/why not?
This is also something I’m working on at the moment. I definitely would and I hope that I can do so in the near future, but I would have to do something on the side as well, whether it’d be another business from home or just some part-time work somewhere. I like to have variety in my life, otherwise I slack off.

The Guy With The Suitcase Banner

Title: The Guy With The Suitcase

Series: Once Upon a Guy, Book One

Author: Chris Ethan

Genre: Gay Romance, Contemporary, New Adult

Length: Novel


Pierce is homeless.

Young and strong-willed Pierce has been living in the streets of New York City for six months, since his parents kicked him out of their perfect, Christian, suburban house. Pierce is gay. And he is suffering the consequences for being true to himself.

Rafe is homeless.

He is also sick. Impressionable, but far from innocent, Rafe ran away from home almost a year ago. His sickness is slowly killing him. But Rafe is not a hopeless case. He has learned to get by. Nights of paid passion turn to sheltering warmth from the imminent New York winter.

And then there’s a suitcase. Pierce’s suitcase, which holds secrets from everyone including its owner.

When their worlds collide, their lives intertwine and when the world seems bent on bringing the two souls to their knees, fate has other plans for them.

Caution: Contains adult language, New York City streets, tough life choices, sexual tension, stubborn brutes and swoon-worthy romance.

The Guy With The Suitcase Cover

Buy Links

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon AU:

Amazon DE:


“Sure,” Rafe said and unhooked his rucksack from his back and loosened the string. Before he had any time to pull out his stash, Pierce pulled some bills out of his pocket and gave them to the receptionist. He paused before letting them go. “No, Pierce. You don’t have to do that. Really,” Rafe begged him, stopping the receptionist from putting the money away.

“It’s okay, Rafe,” Pierce said and walked out of the hostel. Rafe took the money off the receptionist’s hand and followed Pierce, excusing himself.

“Wait, up. Pierce!” he was standing outside when Rafe came out the door waiting for Rafe. “You don’t have to give your money to me. I can…” he started to say pressing the bills, and his hand, on Pierce’s chest, but Piece cut him off.

“Rafe, stop. I want to do this. I…I want you to be safe. Especially after such a stupid night,” Pierce said, staring at the traffic and pushing Rafe’s hand off his chest. The man was playing so tough — and he was, kicking everyone’s butt to prove as much — but ask him to talk about his feelings and he blushes like a little girl.

“Well,” Rafe said stepping in front of Pierce and his point of focus to force him once again to look him in the eyes and finish what he wanted to say. “Thank you. You…there’s a sweetheart under that brute after all,” he told him and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Don’t be a stranger, stranger”.

Rafe disappeared back inside the hostel and got his keys from the receptionist.

“He your boyfriend?” he asked, giving him a purple keyring with a number written on it.

Rafe smiled. “I wish.” He grabbed the keys and went to bed.


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About the Author

Chris Ethan is a book whore. He enjoys selling his feelings for money and other pleasures and is blatantly unashamed to do so for as long as he breathes. Chris Ethan is also a persona for Rhys Christopher Ethan, author of fantasy and sci-fi. He uses Chris Ethan to share stories of adult queer romance with those who need it. Before you delve into his books however, be warned. He likes putting his characters through shitstorms and hates anything conventional. But then there’s that darned happy-ever-after. Also, he likes swearing. Deal with it!

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