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Pride Blog Hop - All You Need is Love

A big thanks to Divine Magazine for organising this blog hop, and the rafflecopter prize. You can find more information about the hop here

Why do I write romance? And why in particular m/m romance?

I believe that people should be free to love whomever they fall in love with. Love is love, after all. The men I write about in my contemporary or fantasy stories have no issues because they’ve fallen in love with another man. Instead, the disapproval for their match is often because of class, and/or continuing the family line, problems which also happen in m/f romance.

Unfortunately, in writing an historical story I can’t pretend that two men in a relationship would be tolerated. I can’t rewrite history, and ignore the laws of society back then, and its draconian consequences. It would be disrespectful towards those who fought against those laws. It is important to remember that those issues remained until very recently and are still in force in some places. As the saying goes ‘those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.’

But, despite the odds my characters face, I always give them a happy ending. Or, given their circumstances and the time in which they live, I give them as close to a happy ending as I can. An example of this is in my novella, On Wings of Song. Although the story ends well, Aiden and Jochen are still expected to work for that ending. It wouldn’t be much of a story—and not much fun either—if it was just handed to them on a platter.

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